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Where and how we add value

Value Creation by Experience
We offer value creation advisory ranging from fundraising, capital allocation/financing, M&A, strategy reviews as well operational excellence initiatives validated by our own operating and investment experience.
B2B Digital Transformation
We help Enterprise and B2B Tech companies to thrive on their Digital Transformation journey with pragmatic and proven expertise.
Growth Capital
We provide growth capital through our broad international  investor network, from family offices, corporates to HNWI's based on a common investment thesis and shared philosophy.
Scaling B2B SMEs
We work together with scaling SMEs with strong technological edge that see their future in expanding their footprint beyond ASEAN and Asia.
Hands on Involvement
We work hand in hand with the management and the board because we know by our own operating experience where and how we can add value.
Selectively, we also take board seats.
"Managing the complexities of B2B in SMEs requires more than capital"
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